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Product Description

Glass To Wall Latch

Item NO.: BEST H11-2

Gate latches come in polished 316 Marine Grade stainless steel. We have never had a problem with these latches or the internal spring mechanism whatsoever.

Latch Safety Tips
Store keys to pool gate latches in a place out of reach of children. These magna latches are particularly useful for deterring children from using objects to pop the latch open as it takes gripping force to disconnect the magnetic poles from each other. Latch are installed up and over the gate to prevent children from reaching the latch with their hands or standing on an object to do so. This satisfys the legal requirement of 1500mm to reach over the gate to open the latch.

DIY Tips
Our latches are available in 2 different formats. Be sure to choose the right format for your fencing setup.
For instance, if you need to latch a frameless glass gate panel to a wall, you would need a latch with one flat plate.
Alternatively, if you need to latch a frameless gate to a frameless glass panel, you'll need a glass to glass latch



Glass pool fencing
Fishing Rod Holder

Fishing Rod Rack
Marine Hardware
Glass Clamp
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